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Drag Prom for Charity: Lighting Up the Rainbow Night with NeonWill Neon Signs

Drag Prom TORONTO x NeonWill


As part of the George Brown College Event Planning program, this student group is hosting a Capstone event in support of a charitable organization and the GBC Hospitality Scholarship program. 

To promote the support and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community, ourthecommittee selected Rainbow Railroad as our beneficiary charity and present the Drag Prom, an electrifying night of dancing, drag and disco took place on Saturday, April 15th at the Standard Time event venue in downtown Toronto. The evening featured performances by Toronto-based Drag Queens, and were hosted by Fluffy Soufflé, performer and host of TV’s The Fabulous Show. 

Neon Signs support

Multicolor Rainbow Neon Sign

  • Material: environmental-friendly LED Neon
  • Size: 25Inch Width
  • Backboard Shape: Rainbow
  • Type of Hanging: Wall/Hang
  • Scene: Indoor
  • Tube Thickness: 6mm

"Dancing Queen" Purple Neon Sign for Party

  • Material: environmental-friendly LED Neon
  • Size: 29.3Inch Width
  • Backboard Shape: Cut to Shape
  • Type of Hanging: Wall/Hang
  • Scene: Indoor
  • Tube Thickness: 6mm 

At the event, we added more excitement by providing a Multicolor Rainbow Neon Sign, made with environmental-friendly LED neon material. It was designed at a size of 25 inches width, backboard shaped as a rainbow. This sign was strategically placed to bring extra fun and bring the party atmosphere to life.

We also created a special "Dancing Queen" Purple Neon Sign to light up the party. With a size of 29.3 inches width, cut-to-shape backboard,  this environmental-friendly LED neon added a unique look to the party.

The event was a smashing success, We hope that our neon signs would continue to inspire others to come together and support the important work of charities through events like this.

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