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Mojfest x NeonWill Collaborate in Illuminating Lives

Moments of Joy Fest

The "Moments of Joy Fest" is an annual event designed with special needs families and children in mind. Held by @momentsofjoypodcast, it serves as a welcoming and understanding space for those who often seek such refuge. They've put a great deal of effort into curating a day that's filled with fun, excitement, and engagement for children with special needs. Additionally, mojfest offer informative workshops tailored to meet the needs of their families.

Bring The Light

At the heart of this collaboration is the belief that every special needs families and children deserve happiness and moments that brighten their lives. Moments of Joy has been at the forefront of organizing events and activities that promote happiness and emotional well-being. By joining forces with NeonWill, this partnership aims to go beyond conventional methods and introduce a new element of lighting design and creativity.

NeonWill, known for expertise in producing LED neon signs, embodies a commitment to innovation and quality. Our passion for providing unique lighting is perfectly aligned with Moments of Joy's mission to create magical experiences for individuals, aiming to bring the brightness for who need it.




Material: eco-freindly led neon

Size:42.6inch wide x 10.47inch tall

Neon Color: lemon yellow

Off-light Tube Color: lemon yellow

Backboard Color: clear

Backboard Shape: rectangle

Type of Hanging: wall/hang

Scene: indoor use

Tube Thickness: 6mm

Service life: >100000 hours

yellow neon sign fest
  • Size:40inch wide 
  • Neon Color: blue
  • Off-light Tube Color: blue
  • Backboard Color: clear
  • Backboard Shape: cut to shape
  • Type of Hanging: wall/hang
  • Scene: indoor use
  • Tube Thickness: 6mm
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blue neon sign

"We are thrilled to partner with Neonwill for this exceptional event," said representative from Moments of Joy. "Through their LED neon signs, we aim to create a truly unforgettable experience that will bring joy and happiness to those in need. We believe that this collaboration will not only illuminate lives but also inspire others to spread positivity and kindness."

NeonWill are also proud to be a part of the meaningful event organized by mojfest. Our LED neon signs have the ability to transform spaces and evoke emotions, and we are excited to bring this magic to the participants of this event. We hope that our collaboration will leave a lasting impact on the community and remind everyone of the power of joy and togetherness..

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