Warranty policy

NeonWill pioneers the industry with 24-month warranty on our entire range of products, encompassing all signage, accessories & toolkits, electrical components, flower walls, and more, ensuring they're covered when used correctly. Every purchase at neonwill.com falls under this comprehensive policy, guaranteeing your peace of mind.

The warranty activates for a period of 24 months beginning on the day you receive your item(s).

Ensuring the power supply and electrical components are securely sheltered under a shed or cover is vital for their protection. Neglecting this can cause faults or malfunctions, and critically, it will invalidate the warranty.

We can not offer any warranty for products purchased through external websites like Amazon, eBay, etc. Additionally, we assume no responsibility for signs if the segments are assembled incorrectly or in a defective manner.

If the product encounters issues within the warranty period, we will make every effort to provide assistance and help resolve the problem, including guidance on troubleshooting, free replacements, etc.