You can customize the shape and choose the color of the backboard for your neon light. We offer various options to match your different design style needs. Click on what interests you to start your customization journey!


Backboard Style

We use premium acrylic backboards to maintain the shape of LED neon tubing. Our standard backboards come in rectangular shape, as well as cut-around and cut-close options for the letters.

Cut to shape

The backboard will be shaped in line with the letters. Compared to the cut-to-letter backing, it provides greater support to the neon sign while also lending a stylish and modern appearance. 



Cut to Rectangle

The backboard will be cut rectangularly like a frame. It offers the greatest stability for LED neon signs due to its larger backing surface, making it ideal for outdoor use and sturdier framing needs. 


Cut to letter

The backboard will closely follow the pattern of the preferred font size and style. It provides a minimalistic appearance, making it perfect for interior decoration. 



Our free-standing signs are not only great for party planners, event rental companies, and entertainers, but they're also versatile! You can use them as table lamps, small space decor, or even as free-standing sculptures. Lightweight and portable, you can easily place them anywhere you need them.

For small-sized light boards, we can also provide the following free-standing desktop neon sign. Please contact us for inquiries or if you have any specific requirements.

We also offer custom backboard cutting to meet your specific needs.


Invisible Backboard

this backboard is made of metal, more invisible than cut-to-letter. wall mounting only, suitable for small neon signs 

Backboard Color

NeonWill offers multiple colors for the backboard, including clear, white, black, gold and silver. 


Clear Backabord

White Backbaord


Black Backboard


Gold Backboard


Silver Backboard


UV Printing

We can also print the pattern you want on the backboard by UV printing

UV printing is a powerful method of incorporating crisp and vibrant images or text into your custom neon sign. 


In addition to the acrylic and metal backboards mentioned above, we also offer more backboard options, such as wooden backboards. If you have specific requirements regarding the material, color, or any other aspect of the backboard, please feel free to contact us for customizations.

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