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A Brief History of Neon Signs

The allure of neon signs has pervaded both business and personal spaces, becoming a glowing testament to contemporary decor. However, this entrancing allure isn't strictly modern. Traditional glass neon signs have been luminescent symbols of urban life for decades. Born in the early 20th century, these signs revolutionized advertising and cityscapes with their unique, warming glow. Steeped in nostalgia, traditional glass neon signs narrate a history of innovative craftsmanship and changing trends.

As we move forward, the landscape of illuminating signs shifts with time. The modern-day counterpart, energy-efficient LED neon signs, are carving out an essential space in the lighting world. These signs, while taking inspiration from their older counterparts, have adapted to the demands of the current era, and are excelling in various pivotal aspects. A significant rise in their popularity underlines this shift, posing an intriguing question: Glass or LED - which neon sign meets your needs best?

LED vs. Glass: the Glowing Debate

Today, let's take a deep dive into the comparison between these two types of neon signs -- exploring facets such as efficiency, safety, ease of installation, portability, lifespan, sound, brightness, expandability, and even the undeniably important aspect of nostalgia. Whether it's understanding the environmental impact in terms of efficiency, considering safety and installation challenges, or simply discerning the aesthetic and nostalgic appeal - our comparative guide will provide a comprehensive analysis to help you make an informed decision.

Join us in this illuminating journey as we shine a light on these glowing beacons of the past and present.

The glowing debate between traditional glass neon signs and modern LED neon signs seems to favor the latter. LED neon signs champion in terms of efficiency, safety, ease of installation, and lifespan, boasting a solid mix of technology and convenience that make them the preferred choice for contemporary users.

These signs also score high on portability, sound control, brightness, and expandability, making them ideal for various settings. The adaptability and eco-friendliness of LED neon signs render them a natural fit for the modern world.

However, the allure of nostalgia still holds a special charm. Traditional glass neon signs retain their space for those seeking a vintage feel, a warmth that modern technology sometimes can't replicate. The unique glow and craftsmanship of these signs cater to a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era.

Yet, unless the aesthetic of nostalgia is what you seek, LED neon signs prove to be superior in most aspects. They encapsulate the innovative edge required in our current time, symbolizing an evolution in the world of illumination. Therefore, LED neon signs are more than just a trend, they're the brighter choice for our future.

Our friend FUTURESPACE COLLECTIVE made a comprehensive comparison between the LED and glass neon signs from his very own perspective, be sure to check it out 👇 

Our Approach

We understand that modern spaces require adaptable and low-maintenance lighting options. Our LED neon signs are designed explicitly with these needs in mind, considering its bright glow, ease of installation, safety, and most importantly, durability, to withstand the dynamic demands of today's environments.

Additionally, our commitment doesn't stop at just crafting superior LED neon signs. We aim to push the boundaries of what these signs can achieve. Through an array of customizable options, we offer our customers the ability to bring their creativity to life, transforming their designs into glowing artwork that adds a unique touch to their personal or professional spaces.

At NeonWill, our passion for LED neon signs goes beyond the product. We derive joy from seeing the myriad of ways our customers use these signs to express their style, individuality, and brand. From creating a standout business sign to an unforgettable event setup or a distinct gaming realm at home, our mission is to enable everyone to glow their own way.

As we continue our journey in the LED neon world, we remain steadfast in our dedication to offering a remarkable blend of cutting-edge technology, customer service, and creative freedom. At NeonWill, we light up your world, one LED neon sign at a time.

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