Glass Neon Signs

What is Glass Neon Signs?

Glass neon signs are decorative lighting products with unique visual effects. Made of glass tubes filled with neon or other rare gases, they emit neon light when powered on. 

Glass Neon Light Coffee Shop Sign

Benefits of Glass Neon Sign

Glass neon signs are widely popular for their brightness, rich colors, durability, and long lifespan. Crafted using traditional techniques, our glass neon signs boast unique artistic styles. They can be customized in various shapes, sizes, and colors to suit different applications and design needs, commonly used indoors and outdoors for shop signs, bar decorations, event venues, wedding setups, and more.

Glass Neon Signs Tube


Glass Neon Sign - Installation

Glass neon signs are easy to install, and our easy-to-follow instructions and complimentary installation accessories ensure a seamless setup process.

Choose to hang your neon sign with a chain for a trendy look, or mount it on the wall effortlessly using the pre-drilled holes in the back panel.

During the customization of your glass neon sign, you can indicate your preferred installation method to our designers, and we will prepare the necessary backplate and mounting accessories accordingly.


Glass Neon Sign installation

Custom your Glass Neon Sign

Customizing glass neon signs at Neonwill is incredibly convenient. Simply fill out a simple form, submit your design requirements to us, and we will send you a quote along with a complimentary custom design within 3 business days.

For personalized assistance and support, our dedicated customer service team provides one-on-one design consultation and after-sales assistance, backed by a 2-year warranty.