Programmable LED Neon Signs

Unleash your creativity with our programmable neon signs. Designed for customization, these signs give you full control over every aspect, from choosing colors to creating captivating animations.

100% Customizable

You have full control over the design, including shape, size, waterproofing, text, and patterns for our customizable signs.

Color Options

Customize neon light colors freely or choose magic LED for vibrant color changing effects.

Light Animation

Our signs can follow specific paths, like logo contours or top left to bottom right, creating dynamic and eye-catching effects.

Speed Control

Light transitions' speed can match any atmosphere—slow for calm or faster for dynamic effects, customized to your preference.

NeonWill x Melissa Kellett

In our collaboration with artist Melissa Kellett, we employed programmable neon light technology. This innovative approach merges her iconic beach wave painting with neon lights, turning the white waves into a captivating neon display. The artwork was showcased at The Other Art Fair from May 11th to 14th, 2023, and received enthusiastic acclaim from visitors.


Melissa Kellett


Melissa Kellett, a talented artist and devoted mother in Sydney's Sutherland Shire, paints to spread joy. Awarded the Emerging Artists Award at the 37th Yea Art Show, her work, characterized by acrylics and texture mediums on canvas, emanates calmness and upliftment. Melissa's art reflects her vision: "to paint what brings me joy in the hopes that joy will spread." She hopes viewers find happiness and inspiration in her creations.

The light signs were customized with tailored animations, color schemes, and speeds to animate the waves. Besides the standard lighting options, 7 specially crafted modes were designed for this product: Blue-White Gradient, White Waves, Blue Waves, Blue Breathing (gradual brightness transition), White Breathing (gradual brightness transition), Full Blue, and Full White.

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