The possibilities are limitless with the rise in popularity of the concept and implementation of personalized neon signs. There are so many types of customizations that you can make to a sign before it reaches its final destination, from fonts to colors and even shapes. In this article, we'll go over some of the most popular styles for custom neon signs as well as which ones are expected to grow in popularity in 2023.

Word or phrase signs

Word or phrase signs are a popular style of the custom neon sign that consists of a series of neon tubes arranged to spell out a word or phrase. These types of signs are available in a wide range of fonts and colors, so they can be tailored to fit the style and aesthetic of a space.

better together neon sign

Word or phrase signs can be used to communicate a message, express a sentiment, or simply add some personality and character to a space. Some popular words and phrases for neon signs include "love," "home," "dream," and "happiness."

Word or phrase neon signs can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf or tabletop as decorative pieces. They can be used in a variety of settings.

In terms of style, word or phrase neon signs can range from bold and modern to whimsical and retro. There are many different fonts and color schemes available, so you can choose one that fits your style and the aesthetic of the space.

Geometric shapes and patterns

Geometric shapes and patterns are a popular style of design with repeating or symmetrical shapes and patterns. These shapes and patterns can be created using a variety of materials and techniques, including lines, shapes, and colors.

cartoon neon sign

Geometric shapes and patterns are often used in design to create a sense of balance, symmetry, and order.

Geometric shapes and patterns can range in complexity and style from simple and minimal to intricate and ornate. They can create a wide range of looks and feels, from modern and sleek to vintage and retro.

Abstract designs

Custom neon signs featuring abstract designs have also been popular in recent years and are expected to continue to be popular in 2023. These types of signs come in a wide range of styles, from bold and vibrant to subtle and understated, and can add artistic flair to a space.

Abstract neon sign

Abstract designs are artistic creations that do not depict specific objects or subjects recognizably. They are characterized by using shapes, colors, lines, and other elements in a non-representational manner, often to evoke an emotional response or a particular mood or idea. Abstract designs can take many forms, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and digital art, and can be found in a wide range of media, from traditional fine art to modern graphic design and advertising. Abstract designs often require a high level of creativity and artistic skill, as they do not rely on the depiction of familiar objects or subjects to communicate their meaning or message.

Landscape and nature-themed signs

Custom neon signs featuring landscapes or nature themes, such as mountains, forests, or beaches, have also been popular in recent years and are expected to continue to be popular in 2023. These types of signs can bring a sense of the outdoors into a space and create a calming, serene atmosphere.

good light mountain neon sign

Nature-themed signs can depict a wide range of natural subjects, including plants, animals, landscapes, and other elements of the natural world. They may be used to identify specific species of plants or animals, provide information about the natural history of an area, or simply add beauty and interest to a location. Landscape-themed signs may depict panoramic views of natural landscapes, such as mountains, forests, or beaches, or may focus on specific features of a landscape, such as a waterfall or a canyon.

Retro and vintage-inspired signs

Classical retro and vintage-inspired signs are signs that are designed to evoke the look and feel of a specific time or style from the past.

Retro vintage inspired sign

Classical retro signs are typically inspired by the design aesthetic of a particular period, such as the Art Deco style of the 1920s and 1930s or the Mid-Century Modern style of the 1950s and 1960s. They may feature clean lines, bold colors, and geometric shapes, and may be made in a variety of materials, including metal, wood, and plastic.

Vintage-inspired signs are those that are designed to look like they are from a specific time, even if they are newly made. These signs may be designed to look like antique signs, or may be made to look worn and weathered to give them an authentic vintage appearance.

Pop culture and meme-inspired signs

Pop culture-inspired signs may reference a specific film, television show, music group, or another popular cultural phenomenon. They may feature images, slogans, or other elements that are associated with the specific pop culture reference, and may be designed to appeal to fans of that particular pop culture item.

guitar neon sign

Meme-inspired signs are those that are designed to reference or mimic internet memes, which are images, videos, or other forms of media that are widely shared online and become popular through repetition and variation. Meme-inspired signs may feature images, slogans, or other elements that are associated with a specific internet meme, and may be designed to appeal to people who are familiar with that particular meme.

Animal and pet-themed signs

Dog name neon sign

Animal and pet-themed neon signs may depict a specific animal or pet, such as a dog, cat, bird, or fish, or may feature more general animal or pet themes, such as paws, bones, or other animal-related symbols. These types of signs may be used to decorate a business that specializes in animal or pet products or services, or may simply be used to add visual interest and personality to a spa

Sports and team-themed signs

Sports and team-themed neon signs are popular because they allow people to show their support for a particular sports team or athlete in a visually striking way.

Cristiano Ronaldo neon sign

Neon signs are popular because they are bright, eye-catching, and can be seen from a distance. They are also durable and long-lasting, making them a good choice for permanent installations or use in high-traffic areas. Sports and team-themed neon signs may feature the logo or mascot of a particular team or display the name or number of a favorite player. These types of signs may be used to decorate a room or space, or may be hung in a window or on a wall to show support for a particular team or athlete.

Food and drink-themed signs

Custom neon signs featuring food or drink themes have also been popular in recent years and are expected to continue to be popular in 2023. These types of signs can be fun and playful way to add some personality to a kitchen or dining space.

 burger neon sign

There are several advantages to using food and drink-themed neon signs:

Visibility: Neon signs are bright and eye-catching and can be seen from a distance, making them an effective way to attract the attention of potential customers.

Branding: Food and drink-themed neon signs can be used to promote a particular brand or product, helping to establish a strong brand identity and establish a business as a trusted and reliable source of food and drink.

Atmosphere: Neon signs can add a fun and energetic atmosphere to a space, and food and drink-themed neon signs can help to create a specific theme or mood.

Durability: Neon signs are durable and long-lasting, making them a good choice for permanent installations or use in high-traffic areas.

Customization: Neon signs can be customized to fit the specific needs and preferences of a business, allowing for a wide range of design options and flexibility in terms of size, shape, and color.

The popularity of specific styles of custom neon signs can vary depending on current trends and personal preferences. Whether you prefer word or phrase signs, geometric shapes and patterns, abstract designs, or personalized signs, there are many options available to fit your style and aesthetic.

By considering current design trends and how they can be incorporated into your neon sign design, you can create a unique and stylish look that is both on-trend and personal to you. Now you can check the following tips for graphic design trends in 2023.

“The 2023 graphic design trends have arrived for another year of aesthetic revivals and new experiments in creativity. But compared to past trends, what sets 2023 apart?

While design comes from creative minds, trends are also borne out of the context of their time. Last year saw the world recovering from a pandemic, and design trends favored comfortable nostalgia and colorful expression. Much of that optimism remains in 2023, but it has been strained through this year’s rising inflation around the world, the ever-advancing climate crisis,and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Designers respond to these circumstances in a number of ways. Some lean toward excitement and curiosity for what’s ahead as technology inspires them to explore the unknown. While others react to constraints and anti-establishment sentiment with defiance, through styles ranging from escapist yearning to rebellious innovation. One thing is certain: the 2023 graphic design trends are already shaping to be an eclectic moment in the story of graphic design.


The top 12 graphic design trends for 2023:

  • Mysticism
  • Risoprint reimagined
  • Punk revival
  • Retro line art
  • Airbrush surrealism
  • Folk botanical
  • 90s space psychedelia
  • Mixed dimension
  • Acid graphics
  • Experimental escapism
  • Complex compositions
  • Abstract gradient”

This is the professional data from 99designs. It is known that excape realism is becoming more and more popular.

Escape realism

  is a term that refers to the tendency of people to seek out experiences or media that allow them to escape from the reality of their everyday lives. This can take many forms, such as engaging in hobbies or activities that allow for a sense of creativity and imagination, or consuming media such as books, films, or video games that transport them to different worlds or scenarios.

Escape realism can be a positive way for people to cope with stress or other challenges in their lives, as it allows them to relax and unwind, and can provide a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. However, it is important for people to balance their need for escapism with their responsibilities and obligations in the real world, and to be mindful of the amount of time and energy they devote to escape realism activities.

In the field of art and design, escape realism can refer to the use of design elements or themes that allow the viewer or user to escape from the everyday world and enter a different reality. This can be achieved through the use of fantasy or surrealist elements, or the use of immersive technologies such as virtual reality. In these contexts, escape realism can be a powerful way to engage the viewer and create a sense of wonder and imagination.

mona lisa neon sign

In addition to the design and color of the neon tubing, the words and images displayed on the sign can also help to convey the character or personality of the business or brand. For example, a neon sign that displays the word "relax" in a calming, soothing color might convey a sense of tranquility and relaxation, while a neon sign that displays the word "adventure" in bright, bold colors might convey a sense of excitement and risk-taking.

All in all, the character or personality of a neon sign will depend on a combination of factors, including the design, color, and content of the sign itself. If you want to tell your friends or other people who you are and what you want, the best way is to make it bright and shine in their eyes. Everyone could be their own artist.

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