Are you currently going through the wedding planning madness, trying to bring to life your dream day? With wedding decorations constantly evolving, you should try something innovative for your special day--Wedding Neon Sign.

At NeonWill, we can light up your wedding with cool neon signs, making your wedding venue look like a star-studded palace. Neon wedding signs provide that unexpected décor option that modernizes your big-day venue. At NeonWill, we have pre-designed wedding neon signs that you can choose from. For example, many couples like to install a neon light right at the entrance of the venue saying, "Just Married" or "Happily Ever After."

Have you thought of the question: why do we need custom led neon signs in important event?

 1. It can create a sense of ceremony.

Ceremonies are simply rituals to which, through our culture or religion, we’ve attached a certain feeling of significance. Studies show the need for ritual is a basic human instinct, and even the smallest rituals can be extremely effective in changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors. In an often overwhelming and confusing world, creating your own ceremonies can help elevate daily routines into something comforting and sacred.

The power of rituals lies in their ability to tap into your subconscious. By bringing awareness to your senses as you perform a sequence of activities, you create a connection between body and mind that builds over time.

To create your own rituals, start by thinking about what you’d like to feel more often and why. Then come up with a few things you can do to feel this way. Make sure you engage at least one of your senses. Vision is our most powerful sense with a direct line to the amygdala, so making a custom led neon sign can be a easy way to reach this goal.

2. It can create a great atmosphere with various colors.

One of the amazing things about our signs is the atmosphere they create at any event. Think about any time you’ve been to a concert, festival, or on the dance floor—other than the music, the thing that sets the mood is primarily the lighting!

Our neons have the ability to completely transform a space just by the choice of color. Warm white neons are perfect for a romantic, warm, inviting environment, whereas something vibrant and out-there like pink lends itself to young, fun, all the party vibes!

3. Get hot right now!

Another reason you need one of our signs is they’re so on-trend! Everyone is loving neon–businesses, Gen Z, TikTokers, gamers, brands. You see them everywhere, from digital advertising to physical signage. Everything comes back around, and right now, it's definitely the bright glow of a neon sign.

4. Customization can permit you decide what you want.

Customization can permit you decide what text or image you want to show, you can also decide the size, font, color, power adapter, background style and color. It can help you to bring your life surprises easily.

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