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Material: eco-friendly led neon
Size: 27inch wide x 10inch tall
Neon Color: sky blue+purple+yellow
Off-light Tube Color: color matched
Backboard Color: clear
Backboard Shape: cut to shape
Type of Hanging: wall/hang
Scene: indoor use
Service life: >100000 hours
Warranty: 2 years
Mounting into Wall
  1. Hold the signage against the wall and make precise marks on the wall through pre-drilled holes;
  2. Drill appropriate holes on the wall at the marks;
  3. Insert the expansion screws into the drilled holes;
  4. Align the signage with the holes, push the screws through the provided black spacers and wall holes. Proceed to tighten each screw securely;
  5. Attach the cover for a polished look.
Hanging with Chain
  1. Hold the signage against the wall and mark where the top of the chain will be placed;
  2. At the marked positions, drill holes into your wall; Remember to use a level to ensure your sign will hang straight;
  3. Screw in the hooks that are included in your kit into the drilled holes;
  4. Attach the chain to your sign. Make sure it is secured and balanced;
  5. Carefully hang the chain on the hooks or hangers in the wall;
  6. Verify that the sign is secure and adjust the chain length if necessary for aesthetic or stability.

Experience peace of mind with industry-leading 24-month warranty across all our signage products alongside their electrical components such as the power supply, adapter, remote control, dimmer, etc. Visit our warranty policy for more details.


We follow industry standards to craft and manufacture our products. Your signage is compatible with ISO and local standards like CE.

Included in the Box

  • Your Signage

  • Power Adapter (Region Wise)

  • Dimmer (Standard)

  • Dimmer (FloWill)

  • Remote (Standard)

  • Remote (FloWill)

  • Wall Mounting Kit

  • Hanging Chain Kit

  • Adhesive Hook Kit (Extra $5.00)

  • User Guide

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Explore the power of choice with our versatile range of signage forms. From LED Neons, UV Prints, Light Up Letters, Light Boxes, Illuminated Address Signs, Infinity Mirror Lights, Glass Neon Signs, to Wearable LED Lights, our category covers it all. Each form factor offers a unique way to express and illuminate, giving you the freedom to choose the medium that best fits your intention, style, and space. Dive into our collection and let real-world examples of these diverse form factors inspire your next glowing masterpiece.

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Full Customization

Got a freeform design to light up? Upload your unique artwork, logo or image, we'll will come back to you shortly with a free & pro quote. Alternatively, get inspirations from our in-house designs.

Varied Form Factors

Embrace all dazzling possibilities, ranged from LED / glass neon and light up signs to functional lightboxes, lighted address markers, hypnotic infinity mirrors, and even wearables.

Complete Toolkit

With every signage, you get a free wall mounting and hanging kit. Want a seamless appearance? Opt for our traceless option with an adhesive hook kit.

Nuanced Details

Each piece is a tailored symphony of craftsmanship paired with state-of-the-art machinery. Experience the subtle charm of precision and artistic touch in every detail.

Easy Installation

We ensure an effortless set-up experience. With pre-drilled holes and a high-quality toolkit, your signage can be installed and glowing in just a few minutes.

High Efficiency

We always seek energy-savviness across our signage creations. Enjoy being up to 80% more efficient than standard lighting solutions thanks to the expertise in material and production.

Rubust Adaptability

Count on us for signage that shines bright, regardless of the circumstance. Be it indoors or outdoors, our water- and dust-resistant technology ensures optimal performance.

Prolonged Lifespan

Your signage is crafted to last. The flexible tubing makes it enduring and always look as good as new. Expect up to 100,000 hours of radiant glow.



Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

I (sort of) like this design yet my ideal color / size is not listed here, what should I do?

Our products offer 12 neon colors and the option of FloWill color-changing neon. We also provide commonly used sizes for customers to choose from. If the color or size you desire is not listed, please contact us. We can provide you with custom design modifications, such as using printing technology to enrich the colors of the product or adjusting the size to better fit your space.

Can I tweak colors in the pattern, like changing flowers to orange and red?

Absolutely. When placing your order, feel free to communicate any customization requests by adding them to the Order Note. This can include alterations to colors or design elements. Our team will ensure that your preferences are accommodated to create a bespoke neon sign tailored to your vision.

Can I customize my own design for the neon sign?

Certainly! At NeonWill, you can transform your logo, photograph, or artwork into a neon sign. Simply send us your design, and our team will take care of the rest.

I'm torn on size and color choices. Any advice?

Certainly. Please provide us with details about your intended usage environment, including the overall aesthetic and color scheme. Our experienced designers will offer tailored recommendations for the optimal size, color palette, and design to complement your space seamlessly.

What happens if my neon light is defective? Is there a warranty or replacement service?

We offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty on all our products. In the rare event that your light encounters any issues during usage, please don't hesitate to contact us for personalized after-sales assistance.

Is installation difficult, or can I do it myself?

The installation process is straightforward. We provide all necessary accessories and detailed installation instructions. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose different installation methods to suit your preferences, such as wall mounting, hanging, adhesive mounting, or freestanding options.

I need the sign urgently. When can I expect it?

Our standard delivery timeframe, including production and shipping, usually spans from 9 to 11 business days. However, for expedited delivery, we can deliver within 3 business days at the earliest. Please reach out to us to discuss available options. Please note that expedited services may involve extra charges.

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