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Why Choose NeonWill

Fast & Free Delivery

We offer worldwide free shipping for all orders. Shipments are handled by DHL, FedEx or UPS.

High Efficiency

Our LED neon signs can sustain 100,000+ hours of usage while consuming 80% less power than traditional pieces.

2-Year Guarantee

Every product comes with a 2-year warranty on electrical components when used properly.

Easy Installation

Every neon sign comes with screws and hanging kit for free.

Size Reference

Neon sign larger than 120cm will be made on two or more backboards that can be easily arranged together. When mounting the sign, the separation will be barely visible. Doing so keeps the signs safer in transit and allows us to offer the best price for you.

In the Box

Hassle-Free Installation

Easy Wall-Mounting

Just in a matter of minutes it could be mounted. The neon sign comes with screws for free.

Flexible Applicability

If you don’t want to leave any marks on the wall, use the chain we provided to hang the neon sign up! Anywhere you want! 

Gee-whiz Visual Effect

With the package included dimmer and remote control, you can use different lighting effects to catch everyone's eyes.

* The installation method may vary depending on the product type. Please select the appropriate installation method based on the actual product conditions.

Hassle-Free Installation

Easy wall-mounted

Just in a matter of minutes it could be mounted. The neon sign comes with screws for free.

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How many colors are available in total?

We have a total of 12 colors to choose from:

- 12 colors with white tube (white jacket) - When the sign is turned off the tube appears white;
- 12 colors with color-matching tube (colored jacket) - When the sign is turned off the tubes are still colored.

You can check the Tube Color of the product in SPECS on the page. If you want to customize a product with other tube colors, please contact us.

Can the neon sign be used outdoors?

No, this neon is indoor only but we can make it outdoor compatible if you intend to use your sign outdoors. Please let us know via email at info@neonwill.com. There may be additional charges, but our team will share this with you via email. Please note that the product can’ t be put into water, and avoid using it in the bad weather, such as tornado, prolonged rainstorms or strong winds.

How should I install the neon sign?

There is reserved holes on each neon sign. We provide you two different installation accessories in the package, which allows you to mount the sign on the wall with nails or hang up the sign by chain. Please select the appropriate installation method based on the installation position, the size and the shape of the backboard.

Are remote and dimmer free?

Remote control and dimmer are free! Each sign comes with a standard remote and dimmer so that you can use to adjust the light intensity, flashing mode and timing of the light sign.

What does my warranty cover and how long does it last?

We offer a 24 month warranty on all LED neon lights. However, it does not include any damage caused by improper installation or artificially damage during use.
If there is any problem with neon lights, please contact us. We will try our best to find the best solution for you!

Can I change the backboard types?

NeonWill offers multiple colors for the backboard, including clear, white, black, gold and silver. Three cutting methods are available, you can also choose one of them, Cut to Rectangle, Cut to shape and Cut to letter, according to the size and style of the sign. In addition, we can also print the pattern you want on the backboard by UV printing. If you have this customized demand, please contact us for product design scheme.