WGSN, which is the global authority on change, using expert trend forecasting combined with data science to help you get ahead of the right trends announced the fashion colors trend for Spring and Summer in 2023. The trendy colors are not only the factors affect street wears but also affect other aspects of life such as home designs. As for the industry of LED neon signs, color is also the key point in influencing effects..

These trendy colors are Forest Green, Sky Blue, Rust, Lavender, and Coral.  LED neon signs are a popular choice for creating eye-catching and vibrant displays, and the colors predicted by WGSN for 2023 are well-suited for this purpose. Each of the five colors has its unique qualities and can evoke different emotions, making them a great choice for creating a specific atmosphere or conveying a particular message.

WGSN color



A soft, muted shade of purple that represents tranquility and relaxation. This color is often associated with the natural world, as it is reminiscent of the fragrant flowers of the same name. Lavender is a great color to create a calming and soothing effect and is a purple neon sign choice for home decor and fashion.

Purple Neon Sign
Magic Purple Neon Sign


A warm, earthy orange-brown that symbolizes growth and renewal. Sky blue is a bright and cheerful shade of blue that represents hope and optimism. It's often associated with the natural world, as it evokes feelings of freedom and open spaces. Its warm and earthy hue symbolizes growth, renewal, and change. This orange neon sign can evoke feelings of comfort and stability, making it suitable for use in a food-focused business like a coffee shop or bakery.

orange neon sign
Scenic Orange Neon Sign



A vibrant and energetic shade of pink-orange that represents liveliness and positivity. This color is often associated with the ocean and marine life and is a popular choice for those seeking a touch of energy and excitement. Its association with the ocean and marine life makes it suitable for adding a pop of color and energy to a space, particularly in an entertainment-focused business like a nightclub or bar.

red neon sign
orange neon sign

Sky Blue 

A bright and cheerful blue that represents hope and a connection to the natural world. Sky blue is a bright and cheerful shade representing hope and optimism. It's often associated with the natural world, as it evokes feelings of freedom and open spaces. A blue neon sign can be used in a variety of contexts, from fashion to graphic design.

Blue Neon Sign
Weclome Blue Neon Sign


Mint Green Neon Sign

As a colorful season, the color that can show youthful vitality and reveal a personalized attitude must be mint green.

Green Neon Sign
Alien Mint Green Neon Sign


These colors are expected to be popular across a range of industries, including fashion, home decor, and graphic design. It's worth noting that color trends can vary depending on the specific market or industry, so it's always a good idea to consider your target audience and the context in which the colors will be used.

After reading this blog, what color you will choose to decorate your Led neon signs?

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