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  1. You Can Use Them to Attract More Customers
  2. Led Neon Signs Can Enhance Your Branding
  3. Save Money for Advertising
  4. Make You Earn More Money
  5. You Can Customize Your Led Neon Signs According to Your Business
  6. Low maintenance
  7. Longevity
  8. Win the Night
  9. Cost-efficient

According to the Australian Small Association, an excellent LED neon sign can boost business by as much as 150%. Can you believe it? Is it really so powerful?

The objective of the survey is to obtain details of what attracted new customers to their business. Words on LED neon signs were most effective as compared to any other advertising methods, many businessmen mentioned.

Led neon signs are not only the best but also the most cost-effective method of paid advertising. They allow businessmen to increase turnover from 15% to a whopping 150%!

Why is a LED neon sign so powerful for your business?

Neon signs benefit businesses, especially small businesses, due to their high visibility. They can not only stand out because they are lit up, but they also allow potential customers to spot their location even at night.


You Can Use Them to Attract More Customers

Various studies manifest that the eyes of customers are easy to be caught up by neon signs. Consumers look at neon signs to check if the business is closed or open and to find what products and services they are seeking. After a neon sign is installed, you will witness an increase in the number of customers.

neon sign orange

LED neon can help you stand out from your competitors. While your competitors are using blocky signs with plain fonts and burnt-out bulbs, your business will have stylish led neon signs. While more common signage types are forgettable, interesting and colorful led neon signs are more likely to stand out in someone's mind.

Led Neon Signs Can Enhance Your Branding

Firstly, installing a neon sign in your workplace can boost your branding and company values. Whether you choose to have your business name up in lights, your company slogan, or motivational messages on the wall, it can send a message loud and clear to your staff and any customers who may see it too.

neon sign for shop

An established brand is one of the most important components of a successful business, it can help to reflect your workplace culture, and can leave a lasting impression on staff and customers.

Save Money for Advertising

As you know, 'cost per thousand exposures' is the critical deciding factor in advertising strategy. Compared with other advertising methods, the LED neon sign is more effective. For example, if you invest $1000 to purchase a LED neon sign, you could use it for approximately 11 years, the average cost per day for this new investment would be $0.24. By studying a traffic analysis report, you find out that 10000 vehicles are driving by your business daily. Using this calculation, the cost per thousand exposures would be below $0.024, which is much less than any other media form today!


LED Neon Signs


Radio ads. per 1000 exposures


Television ads. per 1000 ads.


Cost on average for Newspaper ads.

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Understanding The Return on Your Investment

Make You Earn More Money

For example, if a small business generating $1,000/day in revenue adds a LED neon sign, the business soon increases by 15%, adding another $150/day in revenue. Assuming the business is open 6 days/week:

Additional Revenue


$46,800/ year

You Can Customize Your Led Neon Signs According to Your Business

Led neon signs can be highly customizable, this reason is a key factor that led neon signs popular. This gives you the freedom of choice, for example, you can customize your logos, your slogans, or whatever you want to express. Here at NeonWill, we can create for you a unique neon sign that will help you stand out from the rest.

Low maintenance

LED neon signs require far less maintenance if you consider the long lifespan of LEDs, brightness, and efficiency. LEDs do not contain any gasses or glass tubes, which are prone to leak or even break. LEDs can be installed outdoors and indoor. If you have them outside, they hardly need any protection from the elements. If you live in an extremely hot or humid area, you can get waterproof LED neon signs. Ultimately, LED signs convince with their simplicity in terms of installation!


LEDs can run for 50,000-100,000 hours, and led neon signs will outlast other lighting methods, essentially never burning out.

Win the Night

If you have any nighttime hours, then led neon signs can let those around the area know who you are, where you are, and that you are open. Of course, you can always install lighting to illuminate your daytime signage, but neon signs are more cost-efficient and need far less maintenance and upkeep. Firstly, neon signs are incredibly eye-catching. The bright colors and intricate designs of neon signs are impossible to miss, even from a distance. Neon signs can be seen from far away, drawing people's attention toward the area where they are located. In a crowded city, it can be challenging for businesses to stand out from one another, but a neon sign can easily make a business more noticeable.

neon sign for store

Secondly, neon signs can add character to a city's skyline. They can be used to create an iconic image that people associate with a particular place. For example, the neon sign for the Moulin Rouge in Paris is instantly recognizable, and it has become an essential part of the city's identity. Similarly, the neon lights of Times Square in New York City have become a symbol of the city and are an attraction in themselves.

Thirdly, neon signs are versatile and can be used to convey a wide range of messages. They can be used to advertise a business, promote a product or service, or simply create a visually appealing display. For example, neon signs can be used to display motivational quotes, funny sayings, or even artwork. The possibilities are endless, and this versatility is what makes neon signs so popular.

Fourthly, neon signs are often associated with nostalgia. They are reminiscent of a bygone era when neon signs were everywhere, and they can evoke feelings of nostalgia and sentimentalism in people. Many people have fond memories of seeing neon signs in their hometowns, and they appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating them.


Led neon signs are cost-effective. Neon signs don't consume too much electricity, so you won't have to worry about high electric bills anymore. The fact is that neon signs consume about 50% less power than other types of modern signs.

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